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VeinNevada demonstrates continued commitment to quality patient care with Peripheral Venous Vascular Testing Accreditation

Vein Nevada Minimally Invasive Vein Institute demonstrates continued commitment to quality patient care with Vein Center Accreditation in the area of Superficial Venous Treatment and Management

Vein Nevada is proud to announce that the Vein Nevada Reno office is now accredited as a Vein Center by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission. The Vein Nevada Reno office is the ONLY center in Nevada to achieve both accreditation by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) as a Vein Center and in Vascular Testing in the area(s) of Peripheral Venous Testing.

What does this mean for our patients? It means you and your family can have extra peace of mind knowing that your vein specialist practices within the highest industry standards and places great value on your health and well-being!

Vein Nevada earned this accreditation after undergoing an intensive review process and demonstrating our dedication and commitment to quality patient care. You will see the IAC seal of approval appearing on our website and or educational materials. The official accreditation reads: IAC in Vein Center in the area of Superficial Venous Treatment and Management.

Over the years, we have worked diligently to become the leading vein center in Nevada. We have successfully treated thousands of patients for varicose veins and venous disease. Our minimally invasive vein procedures are performed in a comfortable medical office and require little recovery time. Treatments at Vein Nevada dramatically improve the lives of patients suffering from varicose veins other symptoms of venous disease.

Stefan Franciosa, DO, MBA is our Medical Director. Call us today to find out how Vein Nevada can diagnose and treat painful varicose veins and other related vein disease symptoms. Vein Nevada has offices in Reno, Carson City and Henderson, Nevada.

Read more about the Vein Nevada accreditation by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) in Vascular Testing in the area(s) of Peripheral Venous Testing.

About IAC

The IAC was founded in 1991 and provides accreditation programs for vascular testing, echocardiography, nuclear medicine/PET, MRI, CT, dental CT, carotid stenting, vein treatment and management, cardiac electrophysiology and cardiovascular catheterization. The IAC programs for accreditation are dedicated to ensuring and promoting quality patient care supporting one common mission: Improving health care through accreditation®. IAC accreditation is widely respected within the medical community, as illustrated by the support of more than 40 national medical societies. To date, the IAC accrediting divisions have granted accreditation to more than 14,000 sites throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. To learn more about IAC, visit

About Vein Nevada

Vein Nevada was founded in 2016 under the Medical Directorship of Dr. Stefan Franciosa. Vein Nevada focuses on treating medical vein conditions including chronic venous insufficiency and related symptoms such as varicose veins, achy legs, swollen legs, restless legs, skin ulcers and discoloration. In the past, venous disease had been misinterpreted as a cosmetic condition or just part of aging. In reality, venous disease can dramatically diminish the quality of life of a person and there are in-office minimally invasive treatments available at Vein Nevada that can treat the underlying cause of venous disease while providing positive outcomes and welcomed symptom relief to patients.