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Please select from the following locations to view a map and get driving directions to the facility.

Reno Office | Carson City Office | Vein Nevada Henderson / Las Vegas Office

Reno Vein Nevada Office

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Professional Circle Office in Reno
10381 Double R. Blvd.
Reno, NV 89521

Phone: 775-325-3600
Toll Free: 855-483-4668 (855-4VEINNV)
Fax: 775-325-3630

Please click here or read below for driving instructions.

** Please note: This Vein Nevada office is located off Double R Blvd. on Professional Circle.

From the North of Reno/Sparks

- Take 580 South and get off on Exit 60 South Meadows Parkway.
- Make a Left on South Meadows Parkway
- 3 lights down you will come to Double R Blvd
- Make a right on Double R Blvd
- Turn right onto Professional Circle where the RENO TAHOE TECH CENTER SIGN is and make a left at the first entrance after Murphy's Plastic Surgery. Vein Nevada is directly ahead at 10381 Double R Blvd.

From South of Reno/ Carson

- Take 580 North and get off on Exit 59 Damonte Ranch Parkway
- Make a Right on Damonte Ranch Parkway
- The next light make a left onto Double R Blvd
- Turn left onto Professional Circle where the RENO TAHOE TECH CENTER SIGN is and make a left at the first entrance after Murphy's Plastic Surgery. Vein Nevada is directly ahead at 10381 Double R Blvd.




Carson City

1470 Medical Pkwy #220
Carson City, NV 89703

Phone: 775-325-3600
Toll Free: 855-483-4668 (855-4VEINNV)
Fax: 775-325-3630


Henderson Office

Office in Henderson
9089 S. Pecos Rd., Suite 3500
Henderson, NV 89074

Phone: 702-550-7025
Toll Free: 855-483-4668 (855-4VEINNV)
Fax: 702-550-7561